A Place for Creative Energy™

Whether or not, as Winston Churchill famously maintained, people are shaped by their environments, the workplace has a big say in how people get their work done. When you bring good people together to do what they love doing, surroundings matter – just as they did over a century ago for the firefighters who preceded Axiom at the old Fire Station No 6.

The environment Axiom works in at 1702 Washington Avenue was created by us with a very special purpose: foster the CreativeEnergy™ that clients have come to expect from us and that we count on from one another. From the configuration of spaces, to the way light comes in through the windows, to the merging of classic and modern, Axiom’s home is respectful of collaboration, inspiration, continuity, energy, and creativity – i.e., of people and the work we do.

Last one out, please turn off the lights.



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