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Facebook Pages Manager for B2B

In the wake of Facebook’s recent IPO, the company recently stealth-launched a new Facebook app directed at social media marketers and Facebook page administrators that gives them additional Facebook page administrative tools that were previously unavailable on iOS and Android platform outside of some third-party apps and services.

If you manage or admin your company’s Facebook page, you’re often “Johnny-on-the-spot” during important live events in the sense that you’re posting live updates, photos and comments for things occurring in real time on your brand’s Facebook page. If you’re doing this on the go, it usually means you’re using a smartphone or tablet to admin your page. With the existing mobile Facebook app, it was often cumbersome to manage page interactions since the app interface didn’t allow access to many administrative functions with the page’s API.

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With Facebook Pages Manager, admins now have a dedicated app that allows them to manage Facebook pages for which they have administrative access. While the app does not provide all of the current administrative functions that can be found on the desktop version (Messaging, creating ads, drilling down into Insights stats, and adding/removing admins are all missing features) it does give you an up-to-date, high-level look at what is currently going on with your brand’s Facebook page. It also provides instant notifications regarding user interactions with your page.

Having access to real-time insights is also a nice feature with Facebook Pages Manager. At your fingertips, you have a birds-eye view of all relevant metrics and insights.


Also, if you manage many different pages on behalf of clients, the app allows you to juggle up to 50 pages and view who currently has admin privileges to your page.

What are your thoughts about Facebook Pages Manager? Does it make your life easier or harder as a Page administrator? And how will it affect digital strategy?

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