Why Marketers Should Use LinkedIn Premium to Build Their Personal Brand

Why Marketers Should Use LinkedIn Premium

Last week LinkedIn introduced some compelling new features to it’s premium subscription service of the social networking platform. With over 300 million users, LinkedIn over time has evolved to become the de facto professional profile of record for most white collar professionals and, for marketers and industry experts, has become the most viable tool for personal branding. And for companies, LinkedIn is a powerful tool in digital strategy.

Below are four new features that marketers in English speaking regions can now access via LinkedIn Premium to dramatically enhance and optimize their personal brand and put their best foot forward to peers, employers and prospects.

1) Bigger Profile Photos and Background Image:
This will be the most salient and prominent feature of the new premium version of LinkedIn. Larger profile photos, more prominent profile header, and customizable background images helps Premium profiles stand out from the crowd.

2) More Prominent Listing in Search Results:
Taking a cue from Google’s playbook, Premium users will have much more prominent listings on LinkedIn search results pages. Twice the vertical height, with additional profile information, compared to basic user profiles, this feature gives premium users a distinct advantage in terms of attracting new opportunities and/or credentialing yourself to prospects.

3) Advanced Keyword Suggestions:
Profile keywords are an overlooked secret weapon on the platform, often times for many though, finding out which keywords to incorporate into your profile can be a daunting. LinkedIn Premium users now get a profile assistant to help optimize sections of your profile so that you show up in more search queries that are relevant to your goals and industry.


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4) Better Metrics and Rankings Tool:
Last but not least, LinkedIn has incorporated some impressive new analytical tools into premium profiles that allows users to see how they stack up with their peers. The ranking tools takes a look at your 1st degree connections and shows you how your profile presence compares with your peers as well as provide actionable tips on how to gain more profile views across the entire platform.

These visual and behind the scenes upgrades to LinkedIn premium is part of a broader push for the service to add more differentiation between the various free and paid tiers of the social networking platform and also give savvy marketers an intuitive way to optimize and promote their personal brand.

To learn more about LinkedIn’s new premium tools, please visit the link below:

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