BMA Lantern Awards Call for Entry Poster – Augmented Reality

It’s that time of year again. The Lantern Awards of Texas are November 19th, and the Business Marketing Association (BMA) has asked Axiom, named “2013 Agency of the Year,” to create the Lantern program for 2014.

For the lead piece of the program, Axiom created a dynamic Call for Entries poster using augmented reality, a technology that merges motion graphics with traditional print media in order to create a changing and informative graphic. Junaio, a free app enabling the technology, allows a smart phone or tablet to lock onto certain trigger points on the poster and cue the transformation.

For Axiom, known for its prowess in digital media, augmented reality was a natural leap. Axiom is always pushing forward technologically and augmented reality uses readily available technology to turn standard print collateral into an interactive experience. The use of augmented reality is a first for BMA, but it is entirely appropriate for the occasion as it impeccably captures the theme for this year’s program: transformation. On the poster, the image of a lone flame beckons the viewer to “see what transformational B2B looks like,” only to morph into a host of different scenarios representing the five judging criteria, ending in an entry’s hopeful transformation into a Lantern Award.

Want to experience Axiom’s augmented reality? There will be many opportunities to view the animation. In addition to materializing in your physical mailboxes (yes, those still exist) the old-fashioned way, the animation will be sent out via email and showcased at the monthly BMA luncheon. Or, simply scan or view below:

Scan the poster image on the right with the Junaio Augmented Reality app to “See What Transformational B2B Looks Like”. If you do not have the app installed, scan the QR code on the left to download the app.

See what your efforts might transform into: log onto and submit your work by September 12th.

BMA Houston Lantern Awards of Texas
The annual Lantern Awards of Texas were created by BMA Houston more than two decades ago to laud the year’s best business-to-business communications in eighteen different categories as well as through special awards like “Best of Show,” “People’s Choice,” and (Axiom’s title) “Agency of the Year.” All entries are judged upon five points of criteria: objective, strategy, implementation, creative, and results.

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