Turnco Rebrand

After three years of rapid growth and developing a game-changing technology for the drilling tool inspection market, Turnco, a nondestructive testing company, approached Axiom to help create a new brand that would more accurately portray them to key audiences and the inspection industry as a whole. Turnco was eager to continue their growth, but to do that the company would need to be seen in the marketplace as a larger inspection company.

The industry standard for submitting reports following equipment inspection involves paperwork – resulting in inaccuracy, delays in submission or lost files. Turnco developed their BRITE system software, which digitally manages, tracks and archives field inspections, to help customers track reports and bill-back information. Turnco needed to tout their innovative software and position the company as the inspection leader in their industry.

In order to kick off the rebrand, and truly understand Turnco’s business and competitors, a Marketing Strategy Profile was developed. The positioning and messaging uncovered during the discovery process became the foundation for Turnco’s rebrand. The Axiom creative team used the personality and value proposition of the company as the inspiration for creating a new logo, positioning line, website, stationery package and email with animation.

To see all of the elements of Turnco’s rebrand, view the case study on the Axiom website.