EcoStim Animation

Axiom recently produced a 3D animation for EcoStim Energy Solutions, an environmentally-focused well stimulation and completion services company.

This animation presents an overview of EcoStim’s unique field management system which facilitates production in oil and gas plays while improving efficiencies.

EcoStim Energy Solutions Video from Axiom on Vimeo.

Axiom’s goal was to highlight EcoStim’s services in the oilfield-services industry and to present an overview of the company’s eco-friendly impact on oil and gas reserves.

Before any creative is done Axiom sits down with EcoStim to distill their process

Before starting on the design of the animation, EcoStim and Axiom employees came together to brainstorm concepts during a whiteboard planning session. The story was formed, rough ideas were developed and the animation’s narrative was defined during the collaborative think-tank.

During the whiteboarding process we outline EcoStim’s unique solution


The whiteboard and brainstorming session provides the basis to tell EcoStim’s story

The animation is centered around a rotating wheel graphic which visualizes EcoStim’s field management system and tells the story of their efficient technologies and services. Directed at potential investors, this animation features 3D models of shale wells and global regions where EcoStim operates, as well as subsurface well applications to demonstrate the company’s innovative methods.

Storyboard and style frames are then developed for the client


Once a stylistic direction is selected script and full storyboard development takes place

Creating the EcoStim animation presented a unique challenge for Axiom, as the video needed to succinctly describe technical processes in an informative and captivating manner while representing the innovative technology used in oilfield reservoirs. The animation was a success and this project, and many others, can be viewed on the Axiom website.