Axiom’s CreativeEnergy™ Catches International Attention

If you’ve taken an international flight in the past few weeks, you may have seen some of Axiom’s latest handiwork — a series of print advertisements. Axiom recently turned our CreativeEnergy™ to airport signage, creating a series of advertisements for Rock Flow Dynamics, a software developer for the petroleum industry.

Rock Flow Dynamics approached Axiom with a unique challenge; their dynamic reservoir simulator, tNavigator, provides reservoir engineers greater flexibility and superior performance when running reservoir simulations, however, these engineers face resistance from internal IT managers when trying to upgrade their company’s outdated simulation software.

While many recognize the benefits of tNavigator’s advanced supercomputing engine and interactive interface, convincing an entire company to transition to a new simulation software is easier said than done. Simply put: to make the transition to tNavigator, reservoir engineers would need to be the internal champions for the adoption of this new software.

To inspire change in an industry where legacy software is the norm, Axiom created a 30 x 12 ft. wall banner design, displayed in Scotland’s Aberdeen International Airport, as well as Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. To capture (and maintain) the attention of international travelers, this massive banner ad leveraged the style and appearance of airport signage to direct reservoir engineers to a better simulation software.

And because international audiences would be the primary audience for this ad, Axiom incorporated graffiti-style messaging—similar to international street art—challenging reservoir engineers to stop relying on antiquated software, and instead, tell their IT managers about tNavigator’s more powerful simulation software.

Bringing Parody to Print:

To continue this messaging platform, Axiom created a print piece communicating tNavigator’s numerous value-added features. Positioned as a satirical warning to reservoir engineers, this tongue-in-cheek cautionary tale lists several potential side effects of using tNavigator, including; ease of use, greater productivity and even potential promotions.

If you’d like to see this print ad for yourself, check out the September issue Journal of Petroleum Technology.

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