FRAC-CHEM Brings Fresh Collateral to SPE Conference

4-Page Brochure

One of Axiom’s most recent clients, FRAC-CHEM, put their new, Axiom-crafted collateral to work at this year’s Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (SPE ATCE). As a relatively new company, FRAC-CHEM was in need of materials with consistent branding that accurately conveyed the value of their proprietary product, MPP. In turn, Axiom created a variety of branded materials, including a contemporary name for MPP, a 4-page brochure, a banner display and an animated PowerPoint presentation.

Before initiating the product launch, Axiom facilitated a discovery session to uncover FRAC-CHEM’s unique positioning, key selling messages and insights for their oilfield product, MPP, a customized surfactant blend that enhances fluid mobility and reservoir production. This discovery session yielded insights for the generation of a new product name and culminated in the creation of a Marketing Strategy Profile—a comprehensive strategy document that would guide the ensuing marketing efforts, as well as express the company’s defining positioning statement.

Using insights taken from the Marketing Strategy Profile, Axiom discovered that, while FRAC-CHEM’s oilfield product was outperforming the competition, it lacked distinction from other offerings in their competitive landscape.

After Axiom’s naming exploration and presentation, FRAC-CHEM selected the name ALPHA-K because it was a departure from their industry’s standard of naming products—which typically included numerical codes or abbreviations names that lacked a unique persona. The ALPHA portion of the identity represents the superior, high performance nature of the product. Additionally, this name connotes the product’s role as the alpha-dog of the industry. And because “K” represents permeability, (this products most important benefit), this feature would resonate with industry professionals while injecting an element of cadence into the new identity.

PowerPoint Impact Slides

Next, Axiom created an animated PowerPoint for FRAC-CHEM, establishing a distinct visual appeal designed to catch and maintain the audience’s attention. Beyond continuing the graphic styling in the new brochure, this PowerPoint could be used as an animated rotating background as well as a presentation-platform tailored for individual client meetings.

To continue the product launch, Axiom crafted a 4-page brochure highlighting Alpha-K’s key selling messages and enhanced production capabilities. By conveying the product’s technical information in a high-level narrative, this brochure expressed Alpha-K’s features and benefits to better illustrate the product’s value in a concise format.

And to help FRAC-CHEM attract visitors at the upcoming SPE conference, Axiom created a double sided banner stand featuring the new name, Alpha-K, and the newly established imagery.

Banner Stand

Trade shows like SPE ATCE are imperative for brands, both new and old, as it gives them exposure to a target audience of industry people and the press alike. As a new competitor in this field, FRAC-CHEM recognized the importance of bold, impactful collateral to not only establish consistent branding across multiple platforms, but also to accurately represent their value to the industry through multi-purpose presentation materials.