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BGE Identity

Brands mature. And when they do, this evolution should be reflected, not only to communicate expanded capabilities and an accurate value proposition to external audiences, but also to implement the latest technological capabilities and design standards into marketing materials in order to remain modern and relevant. After 25 years without updated branding, Brown & Gay Engineers commissioned Axiom with a comprehensive rebrand to reflect their dynamic culture, expanded service offering and to position the company in the marketplace.

Civil engineering firm Brown & Gay Engineers tasked Axiom with a complete rebranding initiative which would include a new brand identity and message platform that reflected the current state of their business while staying aligned with its corporate history and culture.

2014 was a significant year for Brown & Gay Engineers: there was a change in senior management, the business diversified with the acquisition of a land planning company and there was an increased focus on expanding the company’s presence in Texas. Due to these recent changes, Brown & Gay Engineers’ branding, positioning and marketing materials did not represent the business’s identity. Axiom began the rebranding initiative with three discovery sessions with key representatives, which would lead to the development of a Marketing Strategy Profile that became the guide for the entire campaign.

After twenty five years, Brown & Gay Engineers’ original branding had become outdated and no longer accurately represented the company’s energetic and dynamic culture. Additionally, Brown & Gay Engineers did not have a positioning line to effectively communicate the company’s offering. The company’s website lacked strong content messaging and did not project the company’s core values or value proposition. The photography on the website was minimal and only featured project shots of their facility without their people.

Axiom’s Marketing Strategy Profile process identified several key strengths of Brown & Gay Engineers, namely their quality reputation in the engineering industry and their high level of responsiveness to customers’ needs. Based on these findings, the positioning line, “Serving. Leading. Solving.” was developed to highlight the unique value proposition and to reinforce the company’s servant leadership philosophy. Additionally, Axiom proposed the use of the acronym “BGE” to signify the firm’s continuing evolution as a quick response company while providing greater flexibility for the brand.

To match this new positioning, Axiom crafted an iconic, vibrant logo identity that better represents the close-knit culture and the responsive nature of the BGE workforce. While Brown & Gay Engineers retains the same core values that founded the firm, it has adopted the acronym BGE as an identity that more accurately represents the company’s expanding role in today’s highly diversified marketplace.

Axiom developed the website to be responsive, ensuring scalable access for all devices such as mobile phones and tablets. A user-friendly content management system was implemented into the website to ensure easy maintenance and content updates.

The look and feel of the website was enhanced with custom photography of employees while highlighting recruitment opportunities and BGE projects. Press releases and news items were featured on the site to share recent developments within the company. A project-sorting filter was utilized to allow visitors to locate BGE’s recent work by client and service programs.

Axiom integrated the theme, “Connections” into the site’s messaging, emphasizing BGE’s connectivity among internal business groups and their responsiveness to clients needs. By featuring the company’s connections to their customers, Axiom was able to highlight BGE’s “One Team” culture and its ability offer efficient and effective solutions to client needs.


BGE highly values the expertise of its employees and their commitment to their clients. Axiom recognized an opportunity to differentiate BGE from its competitors by highlighting its employees and culture through custom photography. After a two-day photo shoot, operations imagery of BGE employees was captured that would be utilized across multiple communication platforms, such as the website, email and direct mail campaigns.

Axiom designed a new stationery system featuring BGE’s new brand identity and logo graphic. New stationery was generated for each BGE location to ensure a consistent branded identity throughout all corporate offices.

A custom email signature was created for BGE employees in order to continually generate awareness for the redesigned website through email correspondence. The signature also provided a link with a call to action to visit the new website.

After generating a fresh identity and branded business collateral for BGE, Axiom created a custom PowerPoint template system that incorporated the company’s new color palate, positioning line and brand identity to ensure consistent branding within corporate communication and presentations.

To launch the redesigned website to BGE’s clients, business partners and prospects, Axiom created an email campaign promoting the new site and showcasing the new brand identity and logo.

To see more Axiom-crafted branding materials, or to view more case studies, visit our website. And if you’d like to learn more about our work with BGE, or if you’re searching for branding materials for your company, contact Laura Paddock @ or 713-523-6083.

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