The Hammerhead Jersey Kit Hits the Road

Every great team needs a uniform. The Houstonian Hammerheads are no exception.

Since 2011, Axiom has designed brand identity and cycling uniforms for the Houstonian Hammerheads, a cycling and triathlon team sponsored by The Houstonian Club.

When not enjoying organized rides across Houston, the Hammerheads can be found training for the BP MS150, a two-day bike ride stretching from Houston to Austin.

The unique illustrated logo brings a signature look to the Hammerhead Jersey, one to help them stand out from the pack during the long trek from Houston to Austin. Beyond the jersey design, Axiom crafted branded items such as water bottles, t-shirts, pants, hats and socks to complete the Hammerhead uniform – a project that has received two ADDY Awards and an AMA Crystal Award nomination. See the evolution of the Hammerhead Jersey below.

Hammerhead Jersey Kit – 2011-2015

After 12 weeks of intense preparation, the Hammerheads are ready for their 150-mile ride – an annual event to support those affected by Multiple Sclerosis, raising over $500,000 in contributions over the years.

To learn more about the Houstonian Hammerhead jersey kit design, or to discuss branding for your organization, contact Laura Hughey at 713-523-5711 or

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