ES Xplore is Advancing the Science of Subsurface Exploration

ES Xplore is bringing greater certainty to seismic surveys

ES Xplore, an exploration company in the energy sector, developed an innovative process for pinpointing oil and gas reserves with incredible accuracy. To enhance awareness for this advanced solution, ES Xplore first identified several exploration companies whose website best communicated their technology’s value. After contacting these organizations to discover their marketing partner, ES Xplore’s search led them to Axiom’s doors.

ES Xplore’s Technology: By harnessing the earth’s natural electromagnetic signals, ES Xplore provides an innovative, environmentally-friendly way to pinpoint hydrocarbons below the surface. This innovative method of Direct Hydrocarbon Indication is an exciting development in the world of oil and gas exploration, yielding new levels of subsurface insight and assurance.

Bringing Subsurface to Light
To raise awareness the newly formed ES Xplore and their advanced platform, Axiom produced a new, responsive website that showcases the emerging technology’s benefits.

The responsive website arrives just in time for the 2016 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SEG) Annual Meeting, which takes place Oct. 16th-21st in Dallas, Texas. Axiom will attend this year’s conference, so be sure to send us a message if you’d like to meet at the assembly.

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