Axiom Brands TruHorizon Environmental Solutions

See how Axiom rebranded Principle Energy Services as TruHorizon Environmental Solutions.

Axiom led Principle Energy Services through THE AXIOM™ Marketing Strategy Profile process, which yielded the key insights necessary to rebrand the company as TruHorizon Environmental Solutions.

“From the name to the website, our new branding has created momentum for us in both existing and potential markets. Axiom’s process for rebranding our Company was the foundation we needed to create a new dynamic and authentic brand identity.” – Michael Harlan, CEO

TruHorizon Rebrand Objective

Principle Energy Services – an environmental services and compliance agency – strategically expanded its product and service offering, and the markets they serve. But, their name and brand identity did not express this evolution, and excluded construction and industrial target audiences.

Axiom Brands TruHorizon

Axiom began the rebrand with THE AXIOM™ Marketing Strategy Profile, which revealed their unique value proposition and Brand Truth— serving customers and protecting communities with engineering-driven environmental and compliance solutions. This key insight inspired the new name, TruHorizon Environmental Solutions.

Axiom Rebrand Results

• Brand identity now appeals to new & existing audiences
• Unified brand image
• Improved website usability
• New identity debuted at DUG Rockies with branded booth

TruHorizon Logo


TruHorizon Tagline


TruHorizon Website


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