Axiomites Join the 10-Year Club

When an employee reaches their 10-year milestone – you celebrate. And when two employees do – you double down.

Last Friday, Axiom celebrated not one, but two ten-year anniversaries of Axiom-designers Rodney Flores and Philip Ransdell. The night began with a Champaign-Celebration at B&B Butchers, followed by delicious dishes, toasts and design prizes.

Axiom’s 10-Year Club

To commemorate Rodney and Philip’s 10-Year tenure at Axiom, Creative Director David Lerch, another Axiomite in the 10-Year Club, presented their Club Member cards – seen below.

After Friday — with two more 10-year card-carrying members in the mix – the majority of Axiom employees are 10+ Year Club members (with 7 Axiomites boasting 10+ years experience [and some with 15+ years time)] at Axiom.)

Beyond his role as Art Director at Axiom, you can find Rodney searching for Nike’s, exploring the Heights, and drawing robots.

Outside Axiom, Philip Ransdell, Axiom’s Associate Creative Director, enjoys painting, local art and skateboarding at Spring Skate Park.

Welcome to the club, Rodney and Philip.

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