Best Practices of Potty Humor: Quilted Northern Campaign

Best Practices of Potty Humor

Best Practices of Potty Humor

Quilted Northern & Droga5 practice potty humor in new campaign, “Designed to be Forgotten”.

Okay, so it’s not traditional potty humor, per-se. But these ads are funny. And they incorporate adult humor – more than most toilet paper TV spots. “Designed to be Forgotten”, the latest campaign from Quilted Northern, we enter the room that no one talks about, and hear lavatory horror-stories from a toy alligator, a troubled rabbit figurine, and “great-grandpa Thaddeus.” Quilted Northern may be ‘designed to be forgotten’, but these items, sadly, were not.

Daddy Gator | Quilted Northern

Little Miss Puffytail | Quilted Northern

Great Grandpa Thaddeus | Quilted Northern

Client: Quilted Northern
Campaign:“Designed to be Forgotten”
Agency: Droga5 NY

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