3 Ways B2B Video Marketing Increases Sales and Gains Leads

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B2B video marketing is a great way to achieve business goals and increase ROI.

Last month, we wrote about new Axiom video production services. This time, we’ll show how B2B businesses are using video marketing to gain leads, improve ROI and achieve business goals.

But first, why video marketing is important for B2B marketing:

  • YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine (2nd only to Google).
  • For information gathering, people are looking to video, rather than long-form articles.
  • By showing a product or service in action, video can immediately show how something works and offer a compelling case – all within a few minutes time.

Lastly, video marketing leads to more conversions. According to a video marketing survey, 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other forms of marketing.

1) B2B Video Marketing to Explain Products or Services

Walter Oil & Gas – Coelacanth Platform Project

Video marketing is great for showing the scale and scope of your company’s operations. Even better, blend drone, time lapse and video footage to prove your capabilities, gain leads and convert sales opportunities.

2) B2B Video Marketing for Corporate Branding

ConocoPhillips – Lower 48

Lower 48 wanted to show their commitment to operating regions – what better way than video? By showing testimonials, technology, and worksites, video marketing do more than state core values – it can show them.

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3) B2B Video Marketing to Increase Sales

Ringers Gloves – F3 Technology

The biggest hurdle for Ringers’ gloves is the price point. But by showing the value of hand projection – and the time and money saved by avoiding injuries – you can still make a compelling case.

These are three ways to leverage video marketing to improve B2B sales, lead generation and ROI. For more ideas, check out our portfolio.

Or, let us share specific ideas for how video marketing can improve your business and digital strategy.

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