B2B Email Marketing Tips (Or Why it isn’t Working)

Not seeing results from your B2B email marketing? Earning opens, clicks, and contacts isn’t easy. But for B2B businesses, email marketing is a powerful tool.

In this post, we’re sharing 6 B2B email marketing tips, trends, industry benchmarks and why your current email tactics aren’t working.

Short Subject Lines

Say it simply. Short and sweet. Studies show that 3-5 words are best for subject lines. At Axiom, we aim for four word subject lines, or 17-25 characters.

This works BEST WHEN subject lines can be read at-a-glance. They can be descriptive or tease the email’s subject. Subject lines can use personalization (like contact names). Some are even using emojis – if you go this route, don’t over-do it.

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Segment your Lists

Segmenting lists is crucial for B2B marketers. The chief benefit is you can tailor messages for different marketing leads. More targeted messages earn higher engagement rates. You increase the likelihood of getting your message across, and the audience clicking to your website.

B2B Email Marketing Tips

Analyze Send Times

What time do you read emails? More importantly, what time does your audience?

You can use industry best practices as a guide to choosing the best email send time – but every email list is different. You have to see what works for your audience.

Try different times, different days, and different frequencies. After you’ve experimented with your email marketing, see which emails earn the most opens and clicks.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is a signal for successful email marketing. The B2B benchmark for click-through rate is 2%-4%, depending on your industry.

To boost email CTR, try these tactics:

  • Tease videos, free resources, and templates
  • Use call-to-action buttons in addition to hyperlinks
  • Make graphics clickable, leading audiences to your website
  • Include a P.S. – it’s a great way to reintroduce call to actions
  • Make sure emails are mobile-optimized

B2B Email Marketing Tips

Optimize Open Rate

Remember those short subject lines? They really pay off here. Open rate is the percentage of people who open your email (and not just ignore/delete it). And shorter subject lines are shown to improve open rate.

What’s a good open rate? B2B open rate benchmark is 17%-23%, depending on your sector.

Tips for optimizing open rate:

  • Short subject lines: 3-5 words
  • Ask questions, use emotional words, and tease ideas in the subject line
  • Use personalization tokens (which earns 24% more conversions)
  • A/B test email marketing

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Purge your Email List

If all else fails, and you’re still not meeting email marketing goals or benchmarks, purge your email list. Your list grows, but the contacts change. Those emails that are sent to inactive email addresses? They’re not helping, in fact it hurts your open rates and CTR.

To clean your email list, you can:

  • Send a re-engagement email asking your list to opt-in to a new email list
  • Analyze list health and remove individual contacts with low open rates or CTR

These six B2B email marketing tips should help boost open rate, CTR, and lead gen.

But if you don’t have the time, or content, to manage your email marketing, send Axiom a message. We can help write, design, produce, and release emails that turn leads into conversions. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch.

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