What to Know Before Hiring a Houston Marketing Agency

Finding the right Houston marketing agency isn’t easy.

Can they achieve business goals? How do they measure success? Will they clash with your corporate culture?

The list goes on. But you’re reading this, so you’re taking the right steps to be prepared.

Whether it’s your first time hiring a marketing firm, or you’re transferring service to a new agency, here’s what you should know before hiring a Houston marketing agency.

1. Can the Agency Achieve your Goals & KPIs?

Bottom line: every marketing service should help achieve business goals.

A great marketing firm will be a strategic partner. This means more than gaining leads and increasing sales. Your next firm should dive into your company’s challenges and offer marketing solutions that align with your idea of success.

2. Do they Offer the Marketing Services you Need?

Every agency has their strengths. Are they a specialty shop or jack-of-all-trades agency?

If you’re looking for someone to grow with your brand, you might want a full-service marketing firm. For one-off projects, a niche provider might be a better fit.

Most importantly, do they regularly provide the service you’re looking for? This leads into the next consideration for Houston marketing firms…

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3. Can the Agency Show Past Success?

Full disclosure: most agencies shy away from showing past success.

But this is the most important consideration (according to this writer).

Review the marketing agency’s case studies to see their flagship projects. Better yet, ask the firm to show specific projects and performance related to your industry.

Remember, you have KPIs; request hard data for lead generation, sales improvement, and website ranking.

4. Does the Agency Subscribe to Responsive Design?

This is a big one. Websites without responsive design are buried in search results.

Responsive design allows websites to scale to any device – mobile, table, or desktop.

Beyond this, responsive design provides a better user experience – which is one of the primary factors in whether your website ranking, and whether your website is found through search engines…or not.

5. How Does the Agency Measure Goals & KPIs?

Without goals, you’re not measuring success.

Ask the marketing agency how they measure goals and KPIs. What platforms do they use to monitor analytics and marketing performance? Do they use free-to-use tools like Google Analytics, or do they subscribe to proprietary platforms?

The more invested the agency is in monitoring success, the more likely you are to find it.

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6. What’s the Houston Marketing Agency Specialization?

There are many forms of marketing. Does this agency specialize in inbound marketing? Are they content creators, or do they focus on web development services?

Find out the bread-and-butter of your potential agency. Inbound marketing is a popular term to throw around, but few do it well.

7. In-House or Outsourced?

Make sure you know if the work will be done in-house, or outsourced to other groups.

For some, outsourced work is no issue. Others want to know the people they can call to offer feedback or critique. We believe that projects are most successful when an art director, design team, and copywriter are on staff.

This improves communication, collaboration, and ultimately, the quality of your project.

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