How to Execute an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email is still an incredibly efficient marketing platform that can offer you an average return on investment of 3800%. But with so many businesses leveraging the power that email provides, how can you set your company apart from the competition and offer unique value through your email marketing?
A strong email campaign is thoughtfully and carefully designed to improve customer loyalty and engagement with your brand. It’s important to avoid several common errors that can end up pushing your audience away or making them less interested in your product.

This article will cover some of the most effective strategies you can use to improve your email marketing approach.

Start with Statistics

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Regardless of your goals in an email marketing campaign, your approach should be centered on measurable results. This allows you to test different emails and strategies against each other and compare them based on the return.

The more you can measure your successes and failures, the easier it becomes to make improvements.

One easy place to begin your statistical analysis is with your inbox rates. In 2018, 85% of marketing emails were delivered to inboxes, so if your number is significantly lower, you should probably consider verifying email addresses from your contact list.

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From there, you can start looking at statistics like open rates and conversion rates.

Catch their Eye with the Subject Line

You may have intriguing content or a valuable deal available later in the email, but readers, especially those on mobile devices, can only preview the opening lines.

The easiest way to get your audience to keep reading is by including a message in the subject line that encourages urgency—like a call to action or announcement of a limited-time offer.

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The first sentence or two of the body of your emails should be designed using the same principles. Above all, your goal should be to communicate to your readers that they’d be missing out on a great promotion if they didn’t read the entire email.

This also involves taking some extra time to ensure that your copy is free of any unsightly typos or other errors.

Keep a Mobile Audience in Mind

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More and more people are reading their emails on their phones and tablets every year, and emails that look unprofessional on mobile devices will attract significantly less interest.

Mobile users are generally looking for things like short paragraphs broken up by clear headings and a design that doesn’t distract from the text.

You should also have a call to action embedded in emails that can be easily accessed from any device. That allows users to access your store or landing page directly from the message, so both the email and website should be mobile-friendly. Mobile should, therefore, be part of your planning from the beginning of the process.

Email marketing continues to be an effective tool alongside social media and other platforms, but it’s not always a simple medium to use. These tips should help you get started in improving your emails and building an approach that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back.

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