3 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Digital Marketing

Here’s an understatement – technology plays a big part in our lives on a day to day basis. Whether it is to communicate with others, purchase products, or simply browse the internet, it is becoming the core of our lives more and more.

B2B digital marketers know this – and are taking full advantage of how  we use the internet in 2019 to give their business a boost. This can mean increased sales through your website, more leads generated a month, or better customer retention.

In this blog, we’re breaking down 3 ways to take full advantage of digital marketing in 2019.

1. Make Your Product Known with Digital Marketing

The first thing you can do to take full advantage of digital marketing is to use it to make your product known. But where to start?

If your product lacks brand awareness, you can advertise your website and/or product through paid advertisements with Google Ads. These ads – often called PPC (pay-per-click) ads – come in a variety of styles.

Search engine advertisements are great for direct, intent-based searches (like “oil and gas companies near me”). Whereas display ads, which feature an image, are best suited for building awareness.

The best part? You can reach an extremely specific audience by targeting specific search terms. With display advertising, your can target people who previously visited your website.

But keep in mind, advertising is not all. You need to make your website and product look as appealing as possible to the specific groups you are attempting to target, meaning that the web design is crucial as well.

2. Apply Customer Service

Once your product is out into the world and people begin to take an interest, you need to refine your customer service. Soon, customers will purchase your product, and everyone appreciates good customer service.

If you do not have an established method to help your customers at the beginning, don’t worry. Start by assessing your business and decide what method would be best. Remember, people gravitate to websites and products that offer the best ratings and great customer service – so make sure you’re incorporating ratings and service testimonials into your website.

Whether it is through email, text or DMs, it is important to have a connection with your customers where they can express that they are thankful, or tell you if something is wrong with the product.

This helps build trust with your customers, generates more referrals and helps your business grow even more.

3. Save Money While You Earn Money

Not only does digital marketing reach a wider audience, but it also often costs less than traditional marketing or advertisements. Why? Digital marketing is extremely targeted.

For example, billboard advertising isn’t very targeted. You lack control who views yours advertising, or when they see billboards.

But with digital marketing, you can control:

  • Who sees your marketing, with tools like search engine marketing and email marketing
  • Where people see your marketing, from their email inboxes, to their social media feed, to their favorite search engine
  • When people see your marketing, not just days and times but also by the person’s stage in the buyer’s journey.

Sales Funnels Aren’t Dead

You can save a lot of money by using digital marketing to make smarter, more targeted marketing decisions. 

Digital marketing offers a world of possibilities, whether it is for a small business, freelancing, or a large B2B company. Along with the rise of technology, you can rise too.

So take advantage of everything that the internet has to offer. Just remember, digital marketing isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Some forms of marketing will yield better results, based on your audience, your business and your industry.

Need help getting started with digital marketing? 

Read our digital marketing strategy guide for B2B brands.


Or, if you need more a hands on approach to creating a digital marketing strategy, contact Axiom.