What Houston Web Developers Want in B2B Websites

You have a website, but is it working for you? Is it increasing lead generation? Are people downloading your case studies or cut sheets?

The fact is, most B2B websites are missing key features and functionality. 

So that’s what we’re covering today; what’s missing from your B2B website, according to Houston web developers. You’ll see the:

  • Top website functionalities that all B2B websites should have
  • Common website development mistakes that we see when gutting and rebuilding sites
  • Tips for improving your B2B website today, even if you’re not a website developer
  • Benefits of turning your B2B website into a sales tool


Look, we build a lot of B2B websites. And many are oil and gas websites; which isn’t surprising. We’re a Houston marketing agency in the energy capital of the world.

But we see the same B2B website issues with a majority of the oil and gas companies we work with. So let’s dissect these common symptoms.


Want to gain some oil and gas leads from your B2B website? You’ll need a contact us form.

This is one of the largest oversights in B2B websites. There are several free plug-ins to build contact forms. We use a paid service called Gravity Forms in most websites we build.


The site map is the roadmap of your website. It tells search engines how many pages you have, and how they link to each other.

It looks more like a roadmap once you start integrating audience funnels and automated marketing into your website.

Without sitemaps, it’s much harder to appear in search engines. And by adding a site map, you’ll boost your B2B website in keyword rankings.


Chances are, your B2B website is trying to promote something. It could be your products, your services, or your career opportunities. Whatever you’re promoting, you need printable materials that people can download.

That’s why Houston web developers are hyper-focused on Resources pages.

Every B2B website should have a Resources page. Place all available cut sheets, white papers and case studies that relate to your solution on this page.

Your goal – make it easy for people to learn about your business.

B2B websites earn bonus points if those resources are also on the related “solutions” page. This turns basic “solutions” pages into pillar pages. I wrote more on pillar pages in this digital strategy blog, if you’re curious.


You can’t get better if you don’t know what’s working…and what’s not.

That’s where B2B website analytics come in. There’s tons of tools to track website performance. Today, we’re only sharing the free versions you can start using today.

Google Analytics

The bread and butter of Houston web developers like myself. Website analytics are crucial – we can see what pages were viewed, what they looked at, how long they looked at it, where they left your website. There’s almost no end to audience insights with website analytics.

Search Console

This is another Google product. But unlike Google Analytics, which tell web developers what people did on your site, search console shows how they found your site. Search console tells you what keywords people used to find your B2B website in search results.

Know how people found you and where you rank in Google’s search results, is invaluable. With this data, Houston web developers can create digital strategies to getting more traffic to your B2B site.


Speaking of keywords, where do Houston web developers find these terms? Google Ads has a free keyword planner to find the number of monthly searches of keywords, along with the competition for the keyword.



Houston web developers think B2B websites should always be blogging. Why? Because it’s the easiest, fastest way to expand your website.

Remember those keywords we mentioned earlier? Every blog post on a B2B website is another chance to rank for a keyword, or for a new lead to find your solutions.

Beyond ranking higher in search engines, blog content keeps websites fresh. See, Google evaluates your website before determining your rankings. A part of this analysis is website freshness, or how often you update your B2B website.


Those are the major features that Houston web developers want in B2B websites.

Those are the baseline necessities for B2B websites. But there’s plenty more you can do to turn your website into a lean, mean, lead-generation machine.

At Axiom, we’ve focused on evolving B2B websites from a stagnant series of pages, to an ever-improving sales tool.

The best Houston web developers are ones who don’t just achieve your marketing goals, but bring their own recommendations to the table. Your Houston web developer should help shape the way people use your website.

Because, at the end of the day, websites are big investments. Shouldn’t web developers maximize the ROI?

If you’re searching for a Houston web developer, but don’t know what questions to ask, we have you covered.

Check out our guide for what you should know before hiring a Houston marketing agency.


Or, send us a message to schedule a meeting with Axiom