The Story Behind IAGC’s Marketing Materials

Axiom just completed a variety of marketing materials for the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC).

The IAGC has a storied history. As part of the global trade association for the geophysical and exploration industry, IAGC members have spurred exploration and created cutting-edge technology.

And major publications are taking notice. The organization has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg Environment, and more.

Since then, the organization’s only gained traction. 47 years after its founding, the IAGC has more than 80 member companies in nearly 50 countries.

We’re proud to have worked on these materials for IAGC and their audiences – and to be a sponsor for this year’s event. Check out the marketing materials below.


Want to see the entire annual report? Download it on IAGC’s website.


Axiom also designed the next issue of The Voice: Vol. 11. We’ll share that on Wednesday, when the issue releases, so stay tuned for an inside look into their annual magazine.

IAGC’s magazine, The Voice, reflects on the year’s past successes and pursuits. This year’s edition will look back over the last year recapping the IAGC’s efforts to decrease regulatory burdens, streamline permitting, raise the visibility of the industry and promote efficiencies in contracting and safety.

This edition of The Voice will also take a “future forward” look at how the association is building on its priorities and strengthening its efforts to be more effective in ensuring and advancing access for the industry.


As soon as the conference concludes, we’ll start crafting IAGC’s new website. Stay tuned for that – we’ll share updates along the way. 


This year, the 48th annual conference will be held February 20th. The 2019 IAGC Annual Conference’s theme is “Acceleration Exploration, Expanding Energy Possibilities.” The conference will feature industry thought leaders from the world’s leading geophysical and exploration companies.

If you’re attending the show, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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