Axiom to Rebrand 170-Year-Old Insurance Innovator

Axiom to Rebrand 170-Year-Old Insurance Investor ManhattanLife

ManhattanLife enjoys a long history of innovation, most of which has only been known anecdotally and shared amongst a very limited handful of company insiders. As a result, this industry titan has been “flying under the radar” even as the company has evolved over the last three decades.


Acquisitions from larger competitors with much higher profiles over the last few years are clear indicators that this 170-year-old company has reached a durability stage.

This evolution necessitates that ManhattanLife exercise greater control over the company’s position and reputation moving forward. Doing so will enable them to leverage the momentum it has built to seize the attainable opportunity and propel the company to a level higher than it has ever known.

The first step in this is an identity refresh and strategic positioning that resonates with ManhattanLife’s B2B network of over 25,000 independent agents and financial advisors, as well as with their annuity owners and policyholders.


Axiom’s founder and president Tom Hair will be presenting the results of THE AXIOM™ Marketing Strategy Profile completed for ManhattanLife along with a recommended positioning and brand identity system to the company’s executive management and top producers in Vienna July 16, 2019 at the annual ManhattanLife’s Chairman’s Club gathering of top producers.