How Video Marketing Boosts Traffic at B2B Trade Shows

So you have  a trade show coming up – how are you going to draw a crowd to your booth?

Oil and gas trade shows are in full swing. OTC 2019 is right around the corner. And tons of energy companies will use video marketing to boost traffic at their booth.

A whopping 73% of them have upped video content in their event marketing, according to Social Media Examiner‘s industry report.

And it all comes down to ROI.

Year over year, the popularity of video marketing increases, bringing better ROI to match your big investment in trade shows.

This time, we’re breaking down why B2B companies are spending less on booths and more on video. Plus, we’ll share our best video marketing strategies for boosting traffic at your next B2B trade show.

Finally, we’ll show how you can repurpose your video content on other channels, so you can make the most of your marketing dollar.

Why B2B Companies are Putting Video First

“Content is King” doesn’t just apply to the internet. We – as people – crave content in real life, too. And savvy oil and gas companies are capitalizing on this for their trade show strategy.


75% said that these in-person events are the most effective parts of their content marketing strategy.

Beyond being effective, videos are extremely repurposable. We’ll break down how you can reuse videos in a minute. But first, let’s see how  you can use B2B video marketing to boost trade show traffic. 

How to Use B2B Video Marketing to Boost Traffic at Trade Shows

Still with me? Good – because this is where everything comes together. Here’s how you can use B2B video marketing to draw a crowd at your next trade show.

And surprisingly, you can start boosting trade show attendance before you even step foot on the show floor.

Pre-Trade Show Videos:

Create a pre-trade show video to promote your attendance. It doesn’t have to be long – 30 seconds will suffice.

Often, your audience won’t know your trade show schedule. A brief video can share your booth number and location on the trade show floor.

Bonus points if you tease exclusive give-aways or other content offers. At the end of the day, you have to give people a reason to visit your booth.

Trade Show Videos: 

Here’s where you should focus your attention. A B2B trade show video is highly effective in drawing a crowd to your booth. Or you can play your video on a loop – now people will learn more about your company while waiting for some face-time with your employees.

Innovative oil and gas companies are even thinking beyond 2D animations with 3D modeling in videos, like this:

 If you’re giving a keynote speech (or getting on stage for any reason), videos make a great first impression. Especially when used at the start of your presentation – it captures audience attention.

Another video strategy for B2B trade show videos is share you video on social media. Trade show attendee’s often tune in to the social feed of the show they’re attending. With the right use of hashtags, you can get massive exposure for your trade show video.

If you want more social media tips for trade shows and conferences, we did a deep dive on that topic in another blog.

Post Trade Show Videos: 

Feel like you didn’t get enough exposure at the show? Release a post trade show video that summarizes your company’s trade show experience.

Share what you discussed during presentations, show the give-away, or promote key stats like attendance.

Smart Oil and Gas companies will even tease their next trade show date to make the most of their post trade show video.

Best Use of Video Marketing at Trade Shows

Now a key component of your B2B trade show strategy is ready to go, for every trade show.

The best part is, you can repurpose this video. Houston marketing agencies like us call this content syndication, but it’s basically a fancy term for common sense.

Here’s the gist. You should repurpose your video for every channel – social media, your website, etc.

Why? Well you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Repurpose your content – especially your most popular content – to maximize your marketing spend and get more use out of your investment.

But what does that look like?

How to Repurpose Video Marketing Outside of Trade Shows

Here are a few ways we’re repurposing video content for B2B companies.

Repurpose Video for Social Media

A few weeks ago, we release a new video demo reel for 2019.

But that video wasn’t optimized for social media – it was 107-seconds long. 

These days, attention spans are short and getting shorter. So we repurposed our video content by dicing up the video into 10-25 second clips – perfect for social media. Check it out.

Shorter video marketing also allows you to focus your topic.

And more specific videos means more specific marketing. 

This let’s you address each audiences’ primary challenge with a hyper-focused solution.

Repurpose Video for your B2B Website

Why stop with social media marketing? Put that engaging video on your website. These days, people would rather watch a video than read a paragraph (except for you, because you made it this far into the blog).

Make it easy on your audience. Place your video on related pages, for the person who only has a minute to learn about your company.

Repurpose Video for Google Ads

Video ads are big and only getting bigger. Why not use your high-quality corporate video for your search engine marketing ads?



The benefits are obvious – you can save money on creating SEM ads by reusing your video investment. Chances are, video marketing will be more visually impressive anyways.

Plus, video ads have a better chance of beating “banner blindness”, or our subconscious ability to block out banner ads and paid promotions.

O&G Trade Shows Aren’t Cheap. Make the Most of It

These days, B2B companies are rethinking their trade show investment. Because let’s be honest – trade shows are expensive.

If you’re going to bite the bullet and spend that much in a trade show presence, why not maximize your investment? A trade show video won’t come close to hidden costs, like booth design, staffing and transportation fees.

Divert some of your trade show costs – focus on trade show video marketing. One that can be used all-year long.

More than that, make a video that can be used in trade shows, your website, your social media channels and Google Ads.

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