Context: 2014 was a significant year for Brown & Gay Engineers — one of the leading civil engineering firms of Texas. The business had expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of a land planning company. There was a substantive change in the senior leadership. And there was a heightened focus on growing the company’s market share in Texas. In order to fuel expansion across Texas, Brown & Gay would need to not only attract and engage new customers, but also add new engineering talent.

Objective: After 40 years, the Brown & Gay Engineers original branding had become outdated. Its look and feel, positioning and value proposition no longer accurately represented the company’s energetic and dynamic culture, its differentiation or its offering. The goal in engaging THE AXIOM™ marketing strategy profiling process was to develop a new contemporary brand, a unique and authentic positioning, and a messaging platform that would clearly communicate the firm’s differentiators and strengths while honoring its corporate history and maintaining alignment with its corporate values. A primary vehicle for the initial launch of the refreshed brand would be the development of a new corporate website.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile: Axiom began the rebranding initiative with three discovery sessions with client stakeholders, which would inform the development of a marketing strategy profile (MSP). The process identified key strengths of Brown & Gay Engineers, namely their reputation for quality and service within the industry, their high level of responsiveness to customer needs and the influence of their servant leadership philosophy throughout business operations. The MSP laid the foundation for the corporate rebrand and unique value proposition and, in the process, uncovered the theme, “Connections”, that would be woven throughout the rebranding program.


CASESTUDIES bge Serving. Leading. Solving.™

Serving. Leading. Solving.™: To highlight the firm’s unique value proposition and reinforce the company’s servant leadership philosophy, Axiom developed the tagline, “Serving. Leading. Solving.” In addition, to signify the firm’s continuing evolution as a modern, responsive company while appealing to potential recruits, Axiom proposed the use of the acronym “BGE”.






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To support the new brand, Axiom incorporated the theme, “Connections” into the site’s messaging and graphical elements, emphasizing BGE’s connectivity among internal business groups and their responsiveness to clients’ needs. By doing so, Axiom was able to highlight BGE’s “One Team” culture and its ability to offer efficient and effective solutions. Programmed to be responsive to multiple devices, the website also featured a user-friendly content management system to ensure easy maintenance and content updates.


WEBSITES bgeintranet1

Axiom continued the BGE rebrand into their internal intranet platform. The site leveraged the look and feel of the corporate website, providing a branded internal platform for company communications.



A new, custom PowerPoint template system was created that incorporated the company’s new color palate, positioning line and brand identity to ensure consistent branding across every BGE location.


CASESTUDIES bge awareness

To introduce the rebrand and new website to BGE’s clients, business partners and prospects, Axiom created a static email with a link to the website promoting the new website while showcasing the new brand identity and logo.


CASESTUDIES bge collateral

A new stationery system was generated for each BGE location, which featured the firm’s new brand identity and logo graphic, to ensure a consistent brand identity.


CASESTUDIES bge photography

Axiom recognized an opportunity to differentiate BGE from its competitors by highlighting its employees and culture through custom photography. During a two-day photo shoot at BGE’s corporate office, imagery of BGE employees in workplace scenarios was captured for use across multiple communication platforms.



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