Calvetti Ferguson Rebrand

Context: Following the departure of its third namesake partner, the accounting firm of Calvetti, Ferguson & Wagner sought to re-establish itself as Calvetti Ferguson. The firm was also challenged with two pressing deadlines mandating a corporate rebrand: (1) a regulatory statute concerning the removal of the name Wagner and (2) time sensitive, branded audit reports due to clients in Q1. The convergence of these factors meant the rebrand process—from discovery and marketing strategy profiling through creative concepting and website development—had to be completed in less than 90 days.

Objective: In order to be compliant with the State of Texas, and meet contractual obligations to their clients, Calvetti Ferguson needed to rebrand their firm, from their company website and stationery system to their comprehensive audit and tax reports, all within a rigid deadline. The challenge presented an opportunity however—to refresh their brand and develop a new integrated marketing program that more accurately communicated the firm’s differentiators and favorably position the company against its competitors. Calvetti Ferguson’s entrepreneurial spirit and unique, collaborative culture was not visible in its legacy branding. By kicking off the initiative with THE AXIOM™ marketing strategy profile process, the refreshed identity, positioning and messaging were in alignment and on point, and the program successfully executed and launched by their fixed deadline.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile: The initiative began with Axiom facilitating a brand audit and two discovery sessions with key firm representation for the development of a marketing strategy profile, which would serve as the playbook for the new positioning and communications supporting the rebrand. This critical process enabled Axiom to develop Calvetti Ferguson’s unique value proposition, build on the firm’s dynamic culture and differentiate Calvetti Ferguson from the Big Four accounting firms.


CASESTUDIES Calfer logoBased on Calvetti Ferguson’s key differentiators—providing business consulting beyond traditional accounting services, their passion for creating value for their clients’ businesses and delivering more than the industry standard–Axiom articulated these strengths in three words with the tagline, “Advising Beyond Accounting.”




WEBSITES calvetti1 Calvetti Ferguson does not fit the stereotypical image of a dull certified public accounting firm. Neither does its new website. The new online presence embraces the firm’s energetic culture and portrays this through custom photography and illustrations. The firm’s unique value propositions are highlighted in banners throughout the website which was designed responsively to enable mobile device viewing and built-in a user-friendly CMS that allows Calvetti Ferguson to update the site.

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PowerPoint Template

CASESTUDIES Calfer collateralAxiom created a PowerPoint template system for Calvetti Ferguson to ensure brand consistency across their three Texas locations.


CASESTUDIES Calfer emailA direct marketing campaign consisting of (2) emails plus a corresponding post card were distributed to clients, partners and prospects to announce and promote the new brand. In addition to open and click through rates that surpassed the industry standard, the results included a robust response and numerous replies with favorable feedback.


CASESTUDIES Calfer collateralThe stationery package was designed to be colorful and dynamic to inherently express that Calvetti Ferguson is not your stereotypical public accounting firm. For added visual interest, the colors of the new logo identified differing elements within the stationery package.

Custom Illustration & Photography:

CASESTUDIES Calfer illustrationA series of new, custom illustrations capturing Calvetti Ferguson’s service areas and customer benefits was developed for the new website and for use throughout the rebrand’s print and digital collateral. New photography was shot on location and art directed by Axiom to capture the Calvetti Ferguson staff in action and demonstrate the firm’s collaborative and lively culture.



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