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Context: With the launch of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA), an influx of uncertainty permeated the employee benefits marketplace. The liaison between carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and insurance brokers providing small group benefits to companies with up to 50 employees, Kilpatrick Companies had the depth of knowledge required to evaluate complex carrier and AHA data and convert it to information agents could understand and comfortably use to service their accounts. The timing of the AHA created a window in the market, placing high demand on Kilpatrick Companies’ niche expertise.

Objective: Seeking to capitalize on the opportunity of marketplace confusion surrounding the new AHA, Kilpatrick Companies wanted to promote its consultative services and products but recognized their corporate identity was dated and their company website lacked meaningful content. Furthermore, the site was not designed for mobile viewing, preventing prospective customers from accessing it remotely and also causing Google to penalize it in search rankings. Addressing this challenge, Kilpatrick began with THE AXIOM™ marketing strategy profile process, enabling the update of their brand, the creation of a unique and contemporary positioning, and the development of messaging and content to clearly communicate to target audiences that Kilpatrick could help them navigate the new era of AHA and thrive.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile: Axiom began the rebranding initiative with the development of a marketing strategy profile, a fundamental marketing platform that identified the company’s key differentiators and defined Kilpatrick Companies’ unique market position and value proposition. This process would also inspire the development of a brand messaging program and subsequent creative deliverables for Kilpatrick Companies.

Positioning Statement: For brokers and carries in the transitioning health insurance market, Kilpatrick is a wholesale general agency with a niche expertise that provides brokers with efficiency enhancing tools and services, helping them to manage data and deliver maximum value to businesses evaluating employee benefits packages.


CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick taglineThe combined result of Kilpatrick’s consulting and technology ensures that brokers can now focus on what grows their business, making them more efficient and enabling their future success in an unstable market. The tagline “The Future Belongs to the Efficient” was developed to communicate this unique value proposition and support the new branding.


CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick logo


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The new, responsive website communicated Kilpatrick Companies’ new brand positioning and provided content to clients via a robust blog with the latest news and intelligence on the AHA. Colorful banners with key messaging and custom photography featured Kilpatrick Companies’ unique value proposition. Resources such as downloadable tools and helpful documents were easily accessible on the home page. The site also featured a CMS programming language that allowed Kilpatrick Companies’ internal IT to make basic edits.

PowerPoint Template

CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick collateralIn order to keep all internal and external presentations consistent, Axiom created a PowerPoint template leveraging the new brand.


CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick emailDesigned to be adaptive for mobile device and tablet viewing, an email template was developed for branded direct communications to the client’s network of customers and partners. The layout was also flexible to accommodate different types of content, making it equally effective for a variety of communications.


CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick collateralThe new brand identify was applied to the firm’s stationary package. Bold use of the logo graphic was employed with unique crops to add energy and visual interest to the system.


CASESTUDIES Kilpatrick photographyAs a true business partner and consultant to brokers, Kilpatrick Companies wanted to feature their people—not stock imagery—to communicate their commitment to clients and to providing value. Axiom art directed a one-day, on-location photo shoot to capture the people of Kilpatrick Companies in dynamic and collaborative business settings.



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