CONTEXT: During the company’s 50-year history, Oceaneering International grew from an air and mixed gas diving company to a billion dollar international enterprise, delivering products, services and integrated solutions through three business segments: subsea oilfield, surface oilfield and non-oilfield (which serves NASA, the Navy and entertainment markets). Throughout its global expansion and business diversification, Oceaneering’s business segments grew interdependently, creating a culture of internal silos. The company had reached critical mass and was competing with much larger entities. This necessitated the evaluation of their brand, and the development of a positioning that could clearly communicate their value, across the different segments, as a unified company.

Objective: Oceaneering had achieved its growth without a dedicated focus on their brand or marketing. The company realized it was at a place where it needed to assess and define its brand identity and develop a unique, market-facing position that accurately represented its billion-dollar oilfield services business as well as its non-oilfield divisions. Due to the size of the company, its comprehensive service offering, and its complex organization of segments serving unique niche markets, THE AXIOM™ marketing strategy profiling process was expanded to include additional qualitative focus groups and a quantitative market survey. The result of this process and THE AXIOM™ deliverable included a new brand position, a new positioning line and an advertising and email-to-microsite campaign to launch the new brand.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile and External Research: To gain a comprehensive understanding of Oceaneering’s business segments and operations, Axiom conducted three discovery sessions and four phone interviews with a range of Oceaneering employees, from business unit leaders to senior management. After compiling and analyzing this information while developing the MSP, Axiom identified commonalities across Oceaneering’s business units—a critical element in determining the company’s brand position.

During the external research stage, Axiom interviewed key subsea audiences to determine what customers want and need from an oilfield service company, the results of which supported Axiom’s findings in the discovery stage. Taking insights gained from the MSP and external research process, Axiom uncovered a series of unique selling messages and differentiators for each business segment: Subsea, Surface, Non-Oilfield, as well as the entire Oceaneering brand.


CASESTUDIES Oceaneering tagline

As the subsea connection specialists, Oceaneering not expertly-manages asset connections in subsea fields, or connections with customers, but also connects insights and technologies across a broad range of industries to develop solutions with greater efficiencies, increased reliability and improved safety. The positioning line, “Connecting What’s Needed with What’s Next”, communicates this subsea value statement, yet is not solely subsea-specific, representing the entire company’s unique value proposition.


MICROSITES oceaneering1

The microsite was an essential component of Oceaneering’s brand launch program, serving as the destination for all marketing communications. Utilizing the new positioning line and custom illustration as the primary homepage graphic, the microsite highlights the new brand position, effectively communicating Oceaneering’s ability to connect with clients in order to understand and responsively react to project challenges. The microsite also features Oceaneering’s ability to connect emerging technologies, innovative products and processes to create more efficient and effective integrated solutions.

Brand Ad:

CASESTUDIES Oceaneering ad

To introduce the brand launch to external audiences, a brand ad was created which featured the positioning line as the hero graphic. A custom graphic illustrated a high-risk environment where Oceaneering was managing multiple subsea connections with innovative processes and high-performance technologies, illustrating the company’s role as the connection specialist and supporting the company’s new positioning. The brand ad’s call to action directed readers to the microsite, inviting the audience to discover more about the connection specialists.

Product Ad:

CASESTUDIES Oceaneering ad


CASESTUDIES Oceaneering email

To reinforce the new brand and positioning launch, a static email was created that embraced the look-and-feel of the brand ad. Targeting customers, prospects and employees, this email led viewers to the new microsite when clicked.





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