CONTEXT: A McKinsey-style sales consulting firm, Revenade works with B-to-B technology-oriented companies with up to $50 million in revenue who aspire to exponentially increase their top line. Often Revenade's competitors for this business niche are large, global sales companies. While partnering with a smaller boutique versus a mega firm has some obvious advantages, in order to sell against the competition and be viewed as a formidable alternative, Revenade needed to clearly articulate their value proposition, define a unique market position for their sales acceleration services and validate their customer benefits over the competitions’.

Objective: Initially Revenade contacted Axiom to create a new website to promote their services and product offering. Subsequent meetings demonstrated to Axiom that what Revenade truly needed was a brand audit and comprehensive branding program. Before providing a new website, Axiom guided Revenade through a marketing strategy profiling process called THE AXIOM™. As an outsider, and the facilitator of the process, Axiom was able provide a perspective that Revenade could not. New potential markets were revealed, strengths were optimized and weaknesses minimized. THE AXIOM™ informed a new brand positioning and branding program enabling Revenade to go toe-to-toe with competition and authentically connect with their target audiences.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile: Using competitor research as well as information gathered during two discovery sessions with key stakeholders, Axiom developed a marketing strategy profile that defined Revenade’s key differentiators, selling messages and ultimately, the company’s unique value proposition within the industry. This led to defining Revenade’s position of being the revenue acceleration expert that advances sales performance for B-to-B clients with the industry’s only sales playbook—a playbook that delivers an easy to use, end-to-end sales process complete with applicable content to enable efficient, scalable and repeatable sales success.


CASESTUDIES Revenade tagline

The new tagline directly communicates Revenade’s value proposition of empowering its customers to exponentially grow their top line through Revenade’s suite of solutions, which help to sell more and sell faster.


CASESTUDIES Revenade logo


WEBSITES revenade1

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In support of the new positioning and branding, Axiom developed a responsive, mobile-friendly website for Revenade, which leveraged a sports analogy that represents how successfully a team can function when each player is synchronized, applying the same sales game plan. Using football imagery and the six colors of the new logo, the website helped communicate Revenade’s value proposition and sales expertise. The website featured active messaging that highlighted Revenade’s unique positioning and customer benefits throughout powerful banner content. To support the new brand, colorful icons were developed for the site to visually communicate customer benefits.

Product and Services Branding:

As part of the comprehensive rebrand, Axiom renamed, and developed logos, for Revenade’s product and its three key solutions. To maintain consistent branding, the logos leveraged the primary logo’s hexagonal structure and the logo color palette. And similar to the company’s naming convention (Revenade) the product and solution names all start with “Rev.”

CASESTUDIES revenade logo zone

RevZone: A collaborative sales product promoting sales team synergy in an online platform tailored to technology-oriented companies.

CASESTUDIES revenade logo zone

RevGuide: Business strategy roadmap to appropriately position a company and define a go-to-market plan.

CASESTUDIES revenade logo zone

RevLaunch: Evaluation to outline strategy designed to increase overall sales performance in companies with an existing sales force.

CASESTUDIES revenade logo zone

RevTrain: A variety of sales training and coaching programs to help companies hone the skills and techniques needed for successful selling.


Product Animation:



To promote Revenade’s collaborative sales platform, RevZone, Axiom created a high energy, branded animation highlighting the platform’s key features and benefits. The RevZone animation is housed on the new website and also used as an engaging introduction for RevZone demo presentations. The animation features the website’s sports analogy and bold, minimalist messaging to reinforce Revenade’s brand identity.

Email Template:

CASESTUDIES revenade email

To reinforce the look and feel of the new branded website, Axiom created email templates for a company newsletter, RevZone and RevTrain event promotion and for customer correspondence.


CASESTUDIES Revenade posters

To promote the full suite of solutions and CEO Tim Phillips’ latest book release, Axiom developed a series of 24x36 vertical posters for Revenade to utilize at corporate events and training sessions. To achieve a consistent look and feel, the posters incorporated the website’s banner graphics and emphasized key messaging with bold icons to establish Revenade’s brand identity.


 CASESTUDIES Revenade ppt

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