CONTEXT: Within the oil & gas industry, the standard for submitting down hole equipment inspection reports has historically been paper-based processing. The lack of an expedient, digital solution created delays for drilling companies to bill back damage to assets such as drill pipe or tooling. Turnco solved this industry-wide problem with their game changing B.R.I.T.E. software—enabling oilfield inspectors to manage, track and archive their reports electronically and in real-time. However, as a young business not yet vested in marketing, Turnco’s brand did not reflect a dynamic company with a proprietary technology that could potentially elevate them to a leadership position in their space.

Objective:After experiencing rapid growth in their first three years of business, Turnco found itself needing to play catch up with its brand identity and marketing communications. The company sought to leverage its growth momentum and evolve its brand to accurately represent Turnco in its current scale and potential for a dominant market position. The strategy to meet this objective called for THE AXIOM™ marketing strategy profile. With the insights gained from this process a comprehensive, integrated branding and marketing program would then be developed to clearly communicate Turnco’s true brand essence, brand positioning and key value propositions to customers and prospects.

CASESTUDIES Marketing Strategy Profile

Marketing Strategy Profile: Axiom analyzed the inspection marketplace and conducted two discovery sessions with seasoned Turnco representatives. From this information gathering, a marketing strategy profile was developed which defined Turnco’s unique position and value to the market while also creating a foundation for the company’s messaging and comprehensive branding initiative.


CASESTUDIES turnco tagline

With its game-changing technology and quality inspection services, Turnco emerged at the forefront in innovation and inspection expertise. To support the company's unique position, customer value and key differentiators, Axiom developed the tagline “Turning Innovation into Insights™.”


CASESTUDIES turnco logo


WEBSITES turnco1

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The new, responsive Turnco website projected the brand as a technology leader; beyond displaying their expertise in inspections and efficient and accurate digital online reports, the website communicated Turnco’s technology-based solutions and focus on customer service.

PowerPoint Template:

CASESTUDIES turnco ppt

A PowerPoint template system was created for Turnco that incorporated the new logo, positioning line and custom photography of employees. The system was designed to be easily editable for use throughout all corporate communications and presentations.


CASESTUDIES turnco animation

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An email containing an animated video, which highlights Turnco’s unique value proposition and key messaging, was sent to clients and prospects to generate awareness and attract them to the new website. The email animation was designed to be adaptive for multiple viewing devices, similar to the redesigned website.


CASESTUDIES turnco stationary

Turnco’s new brand identity was incorporated into all business collateral including Turnco’s stationery package (business cards, letterhead and envelopes) and signage for corporate vehicles.


CASESTUDIES turnco photography

Because Turnco is dedicated to retaining and employing the best inspectors in the industry, Axiom consulted with Turnco to feature their employees through custom photography which was used throughout the new website as well as other communication tools.


CASESTUDIES turnco brandstandards

Following the launch of the new brand, it was critical that Turnco employees embraced the new identity and utilized its new elements properly and consistently. The manual was designed to be accessible through any online viewing device and would specify the most appropriate way to display the different brand elements, ensuring all corporate communications would comply with the new brand standards.




To introduce Turnco’s advanced inspection technology in the IADD show, Turnco needed to capture and retain the audience’s attention while communicating the technology’s benefits. The answer: Impact Slides™. Graphically powerful, yet built around concise messages, Impact Slides incorporate dynamic motion and functionality for a branded, multipurpose platform. By enhancing this data-rich presentation with interactive capabilities, Impact Slides could share Turnco’s story in the most powerful way possible.





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