Sinclair Group

Sinclair Group approached Axiom for help with brand strategy to reposition the company to manufacturing, supply chain and process-driven businesses seeking to optimize performance, and to communicate its unique value proposition — generating fresh ideas and designing powerful transformation plans that achieve extraordinary, sustainable results. We started the initiative with our proprietary process, THE AXIOM™ Marketing Strategy Profile. Once the company’s positioning, differentiation and key selling messaging platform was defined, Axiom then created the visual vocabulary to consistently express the new brand identity across print and digital applications including logo, mission statement, tagline, stationery system, website, brochure and inserts, pocket folder and PPT presentation.



CASESTUDIES Sinclair logo



CASESTUDIES Sinclair tagline



CASESTUDIES Sinclair website

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Power Point

 CASESTUDIES Sinclair ppt

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 CASESTUDIES Sinclair brochure


Pocket Folder

 CASESTUDIES Sinclair pocketfolder



 CASESTUDIES Sinclair stationery



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